New Decade Resolution

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Email us to help you track your new years resolution.

The north is a great place to contemplate  decisions— away from the busy cities we live in. 

As the decade ends, a new decade begins— here's our 5 tips to make the most effective change:


1. SPECIFY. "weight lost of 12 lbs. in 3 months" or "3 servings of vegetables/day"

2. HAVE A TRACKER easily accessible beside your bed; a journal.

3. CHECK TRACKER every morning.

4. HONESTY. Avoid radical big leaps, be honest with yourself, small realistic steps last longer.

5. CONSISTENCY. Everyday, this is how habits are formed.


How will you shape your life this new year? Email us. It does help to tell someone of your plan and progress to keep you accountable. Privacy is important to us, any email sent through will remain confidential unless otherwise stated. We will send emails again to those that email us asking where you are in your resolution.

Again we thank you for choosing Northernstar, we hope to see you soon!

*Subscribe to our monthly newsletter.*

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